We partner with global institutions, private equity firms, family offices and high net-worth individuals.  Additionally, we partner with major financial institutions seeking construction-lending opportunities with experience in our target markets.

Smart Use of Capital

At Galileo, we take pride in building strong relationships with our partners, investors and lenders, based on integrity, expertise and a solid financial reputation.  We are well versed in joint ventures, advising land investors, managing projects and working with local associations and societies.

  • Galileo invests in multiple real estate classes and leads projects at any stage of the development process. Our geographic focus leverages our market expertise; while property-class and development-stages diversification extends the period of profitable growth across the market cycle.
  • We see investment opportunities at all stages of the development process; land acquisition and assemblage; equity or debt investment in already-assembled projects nearing construction; and purchasing completed operating assets.
  • We focus on market opportunities that show consistent evidence of rents supporting new construction; opportunities to increase density in markets that have demand for housing that cannot be met due to land constraints; and a fully built-out environment.

Real Estate Strategies

  • Opportunistic
    • Galileo’s Opportunity Strategy focus on repositioning and developing properties in established and traditional urban and suburban communities.
  • Net-Lease
    • The Net-Lease Assets Strategy focuses on single-tenant properties in strategic locations leased to creditworthy tenants on long-term leases.
  • Stabilized
    • Galileo’s Stabilized Strategy focuses on well-positioned and operating properties in established and transitional urban and suburban communities.
  • Debt
    • Galileo’s Debt Strategy focuses on originating loans secured by high-quality real estate assets in established and transitional urban and suburban communities.
  • Value-Add
    • Our Value-Add Strategy focuses on properties in established and transitional urban and suburban communities that involve lease-up, capital or tenant improvements, limited repositioning/redevelopment and other value-added initiatives.
  • Disaster Relief
    • Galileo’s Disaster Relief Strategy focuses on projects that support communities in disaster relief zones that need housing, schooling or other social and civil infrastructure needs.


Next Steps...

If you’re interested in what we do, send us a note and find out how a partnership with Galileo can work for you.