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Already Started? Galileo is your best alternative to staffing an in-house development and construction department.

You do the deal. We do the details. Depending on what your needs are, or what planning and execution you’ve done to date, we can help drive more action and fill-in the gaps to shape your development into a market-driven, consumer wanting, competitively differentiated real estate offering.

Not Sure Where to Start Your Project Planning?

Project Management Program

If you already have the vision then it is our goal to help you realize it on an aggressive schedule and an accurate budget. Galileo’s Project Management Program provides development and construction management services, on a project-by-project basis, to property owners, investors, and tenants.

The program is flexible and scalable, allowing our clients to engage us as necessary, for a single small project, a large shopping center, or a multi-family project. From the very earliest stage when deal points are still being negotiated, right through construction, 

Developer Services:

Opportunity Analysis

Typically completed before land acquisition an Opportunity Analysis is about identifying and ranking the best opportunity that matches your business objectives.  The outcome will provide strategic business rationale and quantify/compare potential development opportunities for you to consider so you know where to put your money and focus your efforts.

Envisioning / Master Planning

The envisioning/master planning process weaves the market research, ideas, objectives and goals of the city/developer and the history of place and people, into a compelling, cohesive storyline that will describe what the opportunity is to distinguish this development master plan from other locations. The envisioning process brings clarity and describes the experience of the place for all stakeholders.  It serves as a guide for the projects team members, local officials, planned partners/operators and the entire development and construction teams. It will result in identifying and formulating qualities, values and characteristics for the master plan.  The process will unify your internal team, your consultants, trusted advisors and other stakeholders in the conceptual direction of the master plan.

Highest and Best Use Planning

Like a feasibility study but more strategic in nature. A Highest and Best Use Study is all about narrowing down your options, so you can identify what is most strategic for you and what you should plan for. The outcome will provide you with a quantifiable order-of-magnitude and prioritizes possible directions relating to product type potential, achievable revenue, market demand and absorption potential.

Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility Analysis takes the output of a Highest and Best Use Study and fine-tunes the market and consumer requirements for your project and locks-down the parameters of your project before you get crazy with design, amenities, homeowner/guest programs and a concrete pro forma. Yes we want your creative team to get as imaginative as possible and your financial team as serious as possible, but it needs to be within reason and backed-up with a logical foundation.

Demand Analysis and Target Market Definition

Build a statistical demand model to define the segmentation scheme and motivational profiles and create Buyer Archetypes to refine the focus and action for product development, business strategy, pricing and marketing/sales efforts.

A Target Market Hypothesis will identify opportunities to enhance messaging/relevance and new marketing directions by analyzing trends and customer behaviors and will serve as the first criteria in building a test-bed to determine how much marketing/sales efforts need to be refined and/or further targeted.

Project Due Diligence

Use the preliminary project plans to proceed with site specific reports and preparation for final board and City review and approval.  Deliverables typically completed are; Environmental Review & Reports (ESA update, Traffic, CEQA), Soils/Geotech Reports, ALTA (topo) Site Survey, Preliminary Project Plans (Incd Preliminary Grading & Utilities), Pre-Application or Case Management Meeting (Review Project w/ City), Regulatory Reviews and Design Approval.

Project Plans and Permitting

Begin moving forward with approved design to finalize construction plans and submit for approvals and manage the approval process and work with the city to ensure timely approvals. Deliverables include; CEQA Environmental Review, Entitlement/Zoning Applications, Construction Plans, Building permit approvals, first round Plan Check comments, coordinate Plan revisions, submit Narrative & Revised Plans, second round Plan Check comments, complete planning process until permits are ready to issue.


Coordinate the bidding process for qualified General Contractor to provide site specific work.  This will include preparing a notice to bidders or releasing RFP and finalizing the construction contract with selected GC. Act as the owner’s representative to manage the site preparation and construction and oversee the process and finalize the inspection/approval process to receive final certificate of occupancy.  Deliverables include; releasing the Project Plans for bidding, conduct the bidding process, qualify and level bids, finalize Construction Contract with selected GC.

Construction Management

Supervise and direct various operations within a building project. and ensure a project is completed safely, making sure the project runs on time and within the allocated budget allowance.

Manage project through certificate of occupancy and substantial completion ensuring a variety of documents are produced or obtained that complete the construction documents such as; as-builts, record drawings, markups, closeouts, maintenance and operation manuals, permits, warranties and other documents necessary to occupy and maintain the facility. 



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